Mango & Vanilla Energy Bar Box of 16 x 35g

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Ziggaru Mango and Vanilla – Blended with Nuts & Seeds TASTE SENSATION! Free Delivery on 2 Boxes or More.
Full of nourishing ingredients providing natural energy to fuel that adventure, sustain hunger & enjoy the day! Packed with: OMEGA3, MAGNESIUM, ZINC, IRON, SELENIUM, CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS, MANGANESE, POTASSIUM, VITAMIN B3 (NIACIN), B1 (THIAMINE), B2, VITAMIN E, VITAMIN C GMO-free – GLUTEN free – VEGAN – VEGETARIAN – DAIRY free – GRAIN free Ingredient declaration: Almonds, Brown Rice syrup, Pumpkin seeds, Dried mango 8%, Pistachio nuts, Sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, Rapeseed oil, Desiccated coconut, Apple fibre, Vanilla paste 1.4%, Chicory root fibre, Dried lemon zest, Natural flavourings, Himalayan salt, Lemon oil. ALLERGEN ALERT: CONTAINS ALMOND & PISTACHIO NUTS AND OTHER POTENTIAL ALLERGENS FROM THE PRODUCTION LINE / MANUFACTURER
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