Wild Flower Honey - Two Jars

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Wild Flower Honey, raw, unprocessed natural wild flower honey from the wilds of Scotland & the North East of England.

Two jars, because one is not enough.

Harvested from the diverse landscapes of Tyne and Wear to the wilds of Northumberland and the shores of Loch Riddon, Scotland.

The taste: We harvest our honey from our bees several times a year dependant upon availability. It can be very floral and quite clear depending upon what flowers the bees produce the honey from. A great mix of clover, hedgerow and trees. Can contain a mix of 4 months of nectar from wild flowers.

We cant guarantee the same taste every time but can guarantee you a fantastic honey that is straight from the hive.

Each jar is H 9cm x D 6.3cm, 227 grams (Total weight approx 500 grams)

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