Westerhall rums

Buy Westerhall rums online from Boroughbox. Westerhall rums UK has award winning rums that are blended in the beating heart of the West Indies - Grenada. All our rums offer drinkers the chance to taste the spirit of carnival that is forever flowing in the Grenadian culture. As the sole UK importer of Westerhall Estates Rums, we offer four mouth watering delicious aged rums. For all those keen connoisseurs out there, our rums will not disappoint and are sure to arouse your taste buds. All our rums are aged in oak barrels demanding patience, a virtue that is hard to hold, before releasing the spirit on those who manage to secure a drop upon their lips. Our rums are aged for three, five, seven and ten years and present a unique and colourful mixture of flavours that we guarantee will satisfy any adoring palate.


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