Uniq2Eat Vegan Pure Carob Spread 110g Jar

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1516-Carob Spread 110GR

Healthy Vegan Carob Spread. The healthiest alternative to chocolate spread, Nutella, Peanut Butter, Jelly and other spreads

Uniq2Eat Pure Carob Spread 110g Jar

A tasty addition to your health.

Healthy Vegan alternative to chocolate spread, Nutella, Peanut Butter, Jelly and other spreads.

Our natural and pure formula helps to strengthen your immune system.


No Sugar Added

High Protein

Palm Oil Free

Glycose Syrup Free

Low Fat

Caffeine Free

Tyramine Free

Uniq2Eat Carob Spread, includes all the benefits of carob; Carob has twice the amount of calcium compared to cocoa; but no oxalates. Cocoa contains oxalate compounds which reduce your body’s ability to absorb calcium. Calcium helps to protect the teeth. It is Important for bone health. It also helps your heart, nerves and muscles to function well. Tyramine is a migraine triggering compound which cocoa contains, but carob is free of. Carob is also caffeine free, its ideal for people with high blood pressure. It’s a great alternative for caffeine sensitive people looking for a chocolate substitute. Thanks to its tannin content, carob is used as a natural remedy for diarrhoea. Vitamin A and B2 are good for skin and eye health. Thanks to the iron contained in it, it is effective against anaemia.

Uniq2Eat Carob Spread, includes all the benefits of sesame. Sesame seeds contain minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Protein, Fibres, Vitamins B and E. Sesame paste is an excellent solution for people suffering from iron deficiency, constipation and fatigue. It helps losing weight as it is a natural supplement that accelerates fat burning. Sesame paste has a high protein level and helps breastfeeding mothers to increase their milk production. Lastly, it is easily digestible and can help relieve stomach discomfort.

We do NOT put sunflower oil, soya, emulsifier or any other extracts.

Just Carob and Sesame

The healthiest Spread in the UK Market.

Shelf Life: 1 Year

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