Uniq2Eat Vegan Celery Root Crisps with Cumin & Hot pepper (10 packs) - Healthy Snack

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1516-Celery Chips with Cumin&Hot Pepper

Vegan Celery Crisps Snacks. From fresh celery into healthy vegan crisps snacks. The healthiest vegetable crisps snacks.

Uniq2Eat Vegan Celery Chips with Cumin & Hot Pepper 20gr (10packs)

From fresh celery root into healthy vegan chips

No cooking wait time, no cleaning, no sorting out. Just open the package and taste the great healthy Celery Root crisps.

Only dried, never fried

Healthy Kids Snack



Oil Free ( we do not use sunflower oil or any other oil to create our perfect chips like the other brands in the market).


No Preservatives

The healthiest Vegetable chips in the UK Market.

Best Healthy Party Food Chips

Be careful! Creates Addiction!

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