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This Ultimate Persian Meal Kit is a beautiful creation by Artisan Tea & Spice. This Meal Kit is the first of its kind on the market. The dishes made from this kit will surprise your senses with the flavours and aromas of meals made during the time of the ancient kingdoms of Persia.

The cuisine of Persia is different from Asian and Western food, being balanced in its heat and blending flavours of fruit, nuts, aromatic spices and herbs. Persians loved caramelising, right from extracting the flavour of walnuts in Fesenjoon to enhancing the flavour of Saffron in Rice (Tahdig).

In this kit, you will find 8 traditional Persian recipes along with a meal plan for the whole family to enjoy. The recipes are gluten-free and cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tastes. Pair these dishes with red wine just like the Royals did at the time.

We have sourced 10 difficult-to-find key Persian ingredients for the traditional recipes in this Kit. All you need to buy are the fresh ingredients which you can find in any local market.

The Kit ingredients below are packed in resealable golden pouches for freshness and delivered in a flame-orange presentation box of size 30 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm. The box weighs approximately 2.0 Kgs.

Dried limes - 20 gms

Saffron - 1 gm

Ground Turmeric - 10 gms

Sabzi Ghormeh - 10 gms

Barberries - 15 gms

Walnuts - 100 gms

Advieh - 5 gms

Dried Fava Beans - 350 gms

Aged Basmati Rice - 300 gms

Pomegranate Molasses - 250 ml

Allergy Information: Contains nuts. All the above ingredients are packed in a facility that handles nuts.

Enjoy and please remember to leave us feedback.

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