Mojito (500ml)

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Our Troo Mojito is a refreshing cocktail, handcrafted with white Cuban rum, infused with mint leaves to maximise that “fresh minty taste” and mixed with freshly squeezed lime/homemade sugar syrup.

21% ABV


The Mojito is arguably one of the oldest rum cocktails in the world. We stay close to its traditional recipe and make it with premium ingredients.

This refreshing cocktail is great on a spring/summers day and can be nicely lightened with the addition of a little soda water.

21% ABV

Premium White Rum
Lime Juice
Troo Sugar Syrup

Fill a highball glass with ice, pour in 125ml of your Troo Mojito, top with soda water, then stir for a few seconds. We generally recommend a ¾ mojito to ¼ soda ratio.