Tikka Masala Spices Spice Drops (Pack of 2)

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Chicken tikka masala is a favourite comfort food; not too spicy and very tasty. Tikka Masala Spice Drops® can be used for marinades, sauces, drinks and a perfect seasoning for snacks and canapés.

Sandwich filling: 50g cooked chicken, 1dsp mayonnaise, 1dsp thick plain yoghurt, 1tsp sultanas, 2 drops Tikka Masala Spice Drops®, black pepper and salt, fresh coriander leaf. Shred the chicken into a small bowl. Place all the other ingredients a small bowl and mix well. Add dressing to chicken just enough to bind.

Spice Drops® are concentrated extracts that retain all the natural goodness and flavour of the herbs, fruits and flowers.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE For best results use in the final stages of preparation or just before serving. For drinks, add the drop(s) first in the container and pour the drink on top. Shake well before use. If stored correctly, stays fresh for up to 3 years. Spice Drops® mix easily with your chosen food and drink. We match the proportion of emulsifier to each concentrated spice extract. Water soluble. Fat soluble. Emulsifier is derived from plants.

NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURINGS NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS RATIO 1 drop = 1/4 tsp of ground spices INGREDIENTS Cinnamon extract, Emulsifier - Polysorbate 80, Ginger extract, Chilli extract, Garlic extract, Clove bud extract and Cumin seed extract. NET WEIGHT: 5 ml

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