Thyme Tea (16 Sticks)

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Our tea takes the form of a stick, so it’s easy for you to handle and stir. With this unique design, you NO longer need to use a SPOON! The quality of our teas is free from genetically modified ingredients (GMO), are tested for herbicides and pesticides and are free from artificial flavors and colors. 

Fresh thyme leaves collected from fragrant fields are meticulously selected for those looking for a sharp and strong taste and met in Mesh sticks.

Thyme bears a lengthy history of use and is still enthusiastically enjoyed by many people today. A cup of organic thyme tea offers a refreshing aroma and a stimulating flavour that has made it popular among herbal drinkers everywhere.

You can drink it after meals or at any time of the day, or consume it with lemon according to your taste.



Ingredients: 100% Pure Thyme



In order to enjoy Mesh:

  1. Pour 100°C hot water in a 200 ml cup
  2. Brew Mesh tea for 3-5 minutes by occasionally stirring
  3. After the tea has reached the colour and taste you desire, you can take the stick out of the cup. You will observe that the stick will not drip! 


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