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The Vegan Doughnut Box - 6 Pack

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Get the Planet D Vegan Six Pack doughnut box delivered straight to your door!

Get the Planet D Vegan Six Pack doughnut box delivered straight to your door!


This box includes:

OG Glazed

As simple (but delicious) as it gets! Our signature yeast-raised vegan doughnut with a sweet glaze topping.

Planet D Party

There ain't no party like a Planet D party! Our vegan doughnut covered in smooth strawberry or fruits of the forest icing and covered in arty biscuit and sprinkles.

Caramel Brownie

Signature vegan yeast-raised dough, dipped in chocolate icing, filled with gooey vegan caramel and sprinkled with chocolate brownie crumb.

Chocolate Biscoff

Everyone’s favourite caramel biscuit mixed with our delicious vegan chocolate icing

Jammie Dodger

A fan favourite! A fluffy vegan doughnut filled with a luscious strawberry jam, covered in strawberry icing, sprinkled with a biscuit crumb and finished with a Jammie Dodger (of course).

Cookies & Cream

Everyone’s favourite American biscuit on a vegan doughnut.



Here at Planet Doughnut, we bake heavenly handcrafted doughnuts that are a little different and simply out-of-this-world. With innovation in mind, we’re constantly pushing taste boundaries to ensure it’s always(!) love at first bite.

We started out in our family garage back in 2017 and thanks to the European Regional Development Fund we were able to secure grant funding to open a brand new bakery and start shipping our doughnuts nationwide.



Our Vegan doughnuts contain Wheat, Gluten, Soya and Sulphites. Some of our Vegan doughnuts will contain traces of nuts and peanuts as our doughnuts are made in a bakery where nuts and peanuts are present. All of our vegan doughnuts are Halal, we aren’t certified but we’ve checked every ingredient to make sure its Halal friendly.

Allergy Advice: See in bold


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