The Spicy BBQ Man Box

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A box of treats bursting with everything you need to make the ultimate British spicy summer BBQ!
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Perfect for the spice loving BBQ King/Queen in your life, this kit contains everything you need to create the ultimate British BBQ that packs a punch.

Not for the faint hearted, this summer foodie kit contains only the hottest of hot sauces and will test even the hardiest spice veteran.

Use the specially designed and extensively taste tested rubs to pimp up any piece of plain chicken, fish, or pork, then break into the sauces. Spicy BBQ sauce or super hot sauce or both, add a blast of heat and buckets of flavour to serve up the ultimate BBQ feast.

This Box Contains:

Ross & Ross BBQ Rub for pork

Ross & Ross Cajun Rub for fish

Ross & Ross Jerk Rub for chicken

Pip's Hot Sauce - La Barbacoa

Pip's Hot Sauce - La Boca Del Diablo (super hot)

Shipping is free when you spend over £50 with Ross & Ross.