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A hamper full of delicious British Charcuterie, this is sure to delight any discerning carnivore. This item will have a minimum shelf life of 1 month from purchase.

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We created this hamper to showcase the superb charcuterie on offer in Britain at the minute, which is sure to delight any discerning carnivore 

Spend more than £60 with Great British Charcuterie Co for FREE shipping

The perfect selection of British cured meats to please any discerning carnivore


Royale Ham - Proscuittio style ham with unmistakably british flavours from Woodalls Charcuterie. Whole leg of British Pork is pickled in a brine of molasses, vinegar, brown sugar, spices and British Pale Ale. After which it is cold smoked for 5 hours before a minimum of 6 months dry aging (minimum 50g thinly sliced)

Rosemay Air Dried Beef Bresaola - Made with Old Fashioned ‘Pope’s eye’ or Silverside of Angus & Hereford Cross Cattle & cured Rosemary it is dried & aged for 2-3 months and the result is a seriously rich & intense flavour  (minimum 40g thinly sliced)

Beersticks - Spicy pork beer sticks from John Doig and Jose Azevedo at Moons Green charcuterie in Sussex have taken the country by storm, fantastic snack to enjoy with a glass or two of your favourite beer  (3 sticks 45g)

Traditional Pork Rillette - Cornish Charcuterie's award-winning traditional pork rillette is made from Norton Barton Farm Cornish Lop pork, poached in duck fat, lightly seasoned and shredded  (110g)

Artisan Crackers - The perfect accompaniment to our meat lover box


Shelf Life - Minimum 1 month

Storage - Ambient 15-25 degrees (unless otherwise stated)


*** Due to the artisan nature of our products in some instances a product may be unavailable, in this instance we will replace with the nearest equivalent item ***