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The London Bundle

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A great little bundle giving you a taste of London. This can also be the perfect gift to send to expat friends or family abroad or simply a treat to yourself to remind you of the wonders that London offers. Enjoy!

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This bundle contains: Hampstead Tea Organic and Fairtrade Lemon & Orange Tea (30g/20 bags): Hampstead Tea have produced a range of sustainable teas to be proud of. This lemon and orange tea is a refreshing Darjeeling, clea, mellow and gives a lift with the citrus ingredients blended in. Greenwich Honey (227g): Based in South London produce this delicious honey. Proper local honey has a wonderful complex flavour as it has not been blended or subjected to high temperatures so all the aromas of the local flowers are preserved and the health giving elements are untouched. Many people who have hay fever problems buy local honey - the theory being that they gradually build up a resistance to local pollens by eating small amounts of honey from their area. Bees travel for 3 miles around their hive site collecting pollen and nectar.. Kings Road Gourmet Sweet and Salty Popcorn (100g): Kings Road Gourmet Popcorn began at the Partridges Food Market in the Duke of York Square on Kings Road in London on Saturdays and from there they have grown to stock stores across London and the United Kingdom. Their Sweet and Salty popcorn was awarded 2 Gold Stars at The Great Taste Awards 2013 by the Guild of Fine Food. It is now officially the best Sweet and Salty popcorn in the United Kingdom. The London Jam Factory - Greengage & Winter Spices (212g): The London Jam Factory make 'ambrosial and titilating jams'. This exclusive preserve has been proudly home made in London following a traditional method and with particular attention to the selection of the BEST FRUITS available. The London Jam Factory prefers fruit to sugar, so the added sugar content is reduced by half to make this preserve tastier and healthier! This product is made with 66g of fruit for 100g of finished product. Total sugar content 51% (sugar from fruit and added sugar).Keep refrigerated once opened and use within 1 week. Receive Free UK mainland delivery for all orders over £25

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