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The Cheese Lovers Box will make the perfect gift for any Cheese Lover from The Great British Charcuterie Co.
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We have created this selection to showcase some of the best British cheeses around to delight any avid cheese lover, with the perfect accompaniments to match;

Barkham Blue - This ammonite shaped creamy blue is made using jersey and Guernsey milk by Andy and Sandy Rose at the Two Hoots Dairy since 2003. This unique cheese balances the rich, buttery, sweet profile of channel island milk with the piquancy of more traditional blues but without the harshness usually associated

Charcoal Cheddar - The famed black Cheddar produced in Yorkshire by Michel Lee. Their wonderfully rich cheddar is folded with coal from Yorkshire mines making the cheese completly jet black. Will always be the talk of the Cheese Board

Black Cow Cheddar TruckleBlack cow based in West Dorset make this fantastic cheddar from the left over curds from the production of their stunning pure milk vodka. Its has a fantastic creamy flavour with great crystalization.

Tunworth - An absoulte gem of a cheese from Stacy Hedges at Hampshire Cheeses. A camembert style soft cheese that is stunning baked with a bit of crusty bread for dunking

Buttermilk Toasts for Cheese - The ultimate accompaniment for Cheese, thin buttermilk toasts loaded with Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Fig Fruit for Cheese - A delicious fruit puree that lifts any cheese


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