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A selection of some of the best & most unique British Cheddar's around, the perfect gift for those that love to gorge on cheddar
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One of Britians best loved and famous cheeses is Cheddar, this selection contains some of the best & most unique cheddars around, perfect for those who love to gorge on cheddar

Charcoal Cheddar 200g - The famed black Cheddar produced in Yorkshire by Michel Lee. Their wonderfully rich cheddar is folded with coal from Yorkshire mines making the cheese completly jet black. Will always be the talk of the Cheese Board

Lancashire Bomb 230g- The one & only Lancashire Bomb from Shurrocks. A 2 year matured cheddar ecased in a wax sphere giving it the appearance of a bomb. Best eaten by cutting of the top and attacking it with a spoon!

Black Cow Vintage Cheddar Truckle 200g - Black cow based in West Dorset make this fantastic cheddar from the left over curds from the production of their stunning pure milk vodka. Its has a fantastic creamy flavour with great crystalization.

Onion Chutney - This rich and sticky onion chutney is truly cheddars best friend

Natural Crackers - Fantastic all butter crackers