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The Best of British Cheeses for an unforgettable cheese board and the perfect gift for any cheese connoisseur.

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Britain is home to a stunning array of cheeses, this selection contains some of the best and will make a British cheese board to remeber

Spend more than £60 with Great British Charcuterie Co for FREE shipping

Lancashire Bomb - The one & only Lancashire Bomb from Shurrocks. A 2 year matured cheddar ecased in a wax sphere giving it the appearance of a bomb. Best eaten by cutting of the top and attacking it with a spoon!

Ragstone - A delicious ripend goats cheese from Charlie Westhead. It has a rich & creamy texture with a fresh almost lemony taste

Stichelton (200g)- The last raw milk stilton was produced in 1988 by Colston Basset & a change to the Stilton decree in the 90s meant Stilton could only be made from Pasteurised Milk. When Cheese make Joe Schnieder decided to try and recreate the unpasturised stiltons of old, Stichelton was born, all be it under a new name as the decree forbade it from being called Stilton as unpastuerised milk was used. What he has managed to create is a game changing blue and a true British classic, creamy & nutty flavours with a subtle blue note, that change with each part of the cheese

Tunworth (approx 250g)- A very British Camembert made by the fantastic Stacey Hedges & Charlotte Spruce in Hampshire, first made in Stacey's kitchen the cheese is still entirely hand-made to this day. The finished cheese has a thin white bloom with an earthy arouma and a long lasting sweet nutty flavour. A superb addition to any cheese board or stunning baked in it box & served with hunks of crusty bread for dipping

Buttermilk Toasts for Cheese - The ultimate accompaniment for Cheese, thin buttermilk toasts loaded with Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Pickled Onions - The ever versatile pickled onion, at home on any cheese board

Fig Chtney - Sweet, sticky and fruity chutney that is the perfect foil to a whole host of cheeses