The 56 - 56% Vodka

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A true artisan spirit - 'The 56’ is 55 Above’s highest proof premium vodka. FREE Shipping on all 55 Above items when spending £50 or more.

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Exceptional hand crafted British vodkas produced by passionate distillers in rural Suffolk.

A true artisan spirit! ’The 56’ is 55 Above’s highest proof premium vodka, the perfect balance of character and purity, diluted with less water to 56% ABV, this vodka emphasises the perfect balance between sophistication and strength to elevate and intensify the characteristics of 55 Above’s classic vodka.

Made at a small distillery in the Suffolk countryside, this hand crafted artisan vodka is produced using only the finest quality British potatoes. The vodka is distilled in a traditional copper still in small batches of just a few hundred bottles at a time resulting in exceptional quality. This vodka is 56% or 112 proof and comes in either a 20cl or 70cl bottle.

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