Team Products

Did you know the BoroughBox™ Team also offer a range of bespoke office products - ranging from breakfasts, to office picnics, team treats, event food and much, much more. Keeping with our ethos of 'bringing the market to your door' we source and send stunning collections of freshly prepared foods from the finest suppliers.

Many corporate clients use us for their morning 'pow wow' nourishment. Products can include freshly baked pastries, organic single pot cereals with youghurt, organic juices, organic tea bags, and seasonal fruit.

Event Food
We are well experienced in this area and welcome any enquiries for creating a bespoke package for your event. Whether it's big, small, quirky or just a quick gathering we are happy to conjure up a culinary concuction of quality (try saying that when you're drunk!

Office Picnics
Our personal favourite and one of the most popular with clients. When the box arrives it's like Christmas in the office with everyone clambering to help unwrap the present. What better way to bolster your team than clear a desk to start unpacking cheese, pies, fresh bread, cold meats, salads, fruit, dips, organic juices and much more.

Let BoroughBox™ be your personal shopper so you and your team can enjoy a bit of bonding. Why chew the fat when you can chew something far nicer!

Team Treats
As part of our corporate service we regularly put together bespoke packages of office treats which can be one-off purchases or regular subscriptions.

Do get in touch should you want to up the ante of your fruit, biscuits, tea, coffee, or anything else you like to provide for your staff. It's doesn't have to be the same old standard stuff from the same old supermarket shelf you know!


Please do get in touch using the form below and we'll come back to you promptly. Next time you're on the hunt for decent food why not genuinely think a little bit outside the box ... by using ours!

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