Sweet Treats Adventure in Chelsea

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A Sweet Treats Adventure in the peaceful Chelsea awaits you!
We've shaken up our Chelsea Chocolate Tour to make it a full Sweet Treats Adventure. Sample a range of some of the best baked goods in London, alongside incredible and award-winning chocolate truffles, finishing with a small cup of hot chocolate. Your expert guide will show you the beautiful, historical areas of Chelsea and Belgravia. Bordering Buckingham Palace, the neighbourhood has a rich and fascinating history to engage you between an abundance of tasting. The tour will start with an introductory tasting of chocolate to help awaken your senses and teach you more about our favourite treat. Then we will visit some of our favourite gourmet bakers and patisseries, plus more chocolate shops! We promise by the end of the tour you will leave us on a sweet high! We love how peaceful this route is. Guests often remark how much they love discovering an area of London they wouldn't otherwise visit. We will be sat for the first 45 minutes to an hour of this tour and again at the end for the last 30-40 minutes. This route covers the shortest walking distance (about one mile along flat ground). As with all our tours, we will ensure that you can't consume any more treats by the end of the tour! (This is a promise, not a threat!) Price is per person.
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