Sweet Chipotle Vegan Jerky (6 x 30g)

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A savoury, plant-based jerky snack that looks and feels just like real beef jerky.

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Our unique blend of natural plant-based proteins is marinated in rich umami flavours like smoked jalapeno and chilli flakes to give our vegan jerky a savoury and punchy heat. We finish the recipe with apple and apricot puree to balance out the spice and give it a subtle hint of sweetness.

Suitable for flexitarians, vegans, vegetarians or those looking to get a bit more veg in their diet!

About Billy Franks

We love making jerky but over the last few years, some of our loyal meaty customers acknowledged they’d become flexitarian or dabbled with a vegan diet. Whilst they still wanted responsibly sourced, healthy jerky when they did consume meat, they were looking for something more than the fruit bowl had to offer on meat-free Monday’s. So we set ourselves the challenge of making a tasty, savoury plant based snack that looks and feels just like real jerky…