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Treat the foodie in your life to The Sweet Beet 3 Jar Gift Selection. Select three of our mouthwatering flavours and we will send them to you in a lovely burlap bag. Flavours include: Our award winning Maple Bacon Jam, Habanero Lime Jelly, Texas Beer Jelly, Strawberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce, or Oak Smoked Apple Butter.
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Select your 3 favourite Sweet Beet condiments and we'll send them to you in a lovely burlap gift bag.  The perfect gift for foodies, bbq lovers or home chefs!

Maple Bacon Jam - Great Taste Winner 2017

Smokey, salty, sticky and sweet, and with more bacon than any other bacon jam on the market, this Maple Bacon Jam has real flavour. Our smoked pork helps to capture a deeper, bolder flavour which when added to their genuine Canadian Maple Syrup becomes an absolute American classic flavour. This product can be enjoyed with burgers and sandwiches or used as a rub, dissolved in a sauce or used to construct a beautiful marinade! (Or as some customers report, eat the entire jam in one sitting straight from the jar!)

Habanero Lime Jelly 

The Sweet Beet’s condiments have been consciously designed to deliver the ultimate flavour pairings. No added water means a powerful punch of flavour. The Habanero Lime Jelly uses habanero peppers, crisp citrus limes and raw cane sugar made from the sweet juices of the sugar cane plant. These key ingredients unite together for a sweetened balance of tongue tingling heat and citrus tang. It’s unmissable grilled on salmon, placed on prawns, dolloped in creamy dips and served with cheese. This product is suitable for vegans.

Texas Beer Jelly

This is distinctively savoury and that’s what make it so darn interesting. Powerful hoppy flavours make it perfect for pairing with smoked cheese or as glaze with meats. Finally! we can have beer for breakfast without the guilt! Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans!

Strawberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Strawberries and chipotle give this a sweet, spicy kick. Unique and versatile sauce used for dessert topping & cooking. Goes great with proteins such as salmon, grilled jalapeño sausages, berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and is wonderful over ice‑cream or yogurt with granola and fresh berries. Excellent as a syrup over buttered waffles or pancakes or on buttered toast, biscuits or over cream cheese. We love to baste it over chicken, beef ribs and pork.

Oak Smoked Apple Butter

During colonial times, colonists made Apple Butter through the long, slow cooking of apples with spices and cider. The result is apple flavour embellished with smoke and caramel, a fine addition to seared scallops, a bourbon cocktail, or just about anything that benefits from smoke and sweetness. Delicious with soft cheeses and charcuterie or great for brunch. Apple butter contains no real butter, but is called a “butter” because of it’s rich, creamy texture which is the result of slowly cooking down the apples resulting in a spread which is as timeless and delicious as anything you’ve ever spread on a morning piece of toast, muffin or bagel.