Super Oats Coconut & Hemp Instant Porridge Pots 50g x 3

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This delicious flavour of Coconut & Hemp is healthy too! Henry's Super Oats is a completely new plant based oat porridge, that has been specifically designed as a healthier alternative to the existing oats porridge brands currently on offer. Simply add hot water and enjoy. 


This includes 3 x Super Oats Coconut & Hemp Instant Porridge Pots 50g

Henry’s Super Oats is super smooth in consistency and contains a blend of natural ingredients which, individually have their own health benefits, however when combined they provide an exceptional healthy option that is suitable for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, a late evening meal or supper.

Each individual ingredient has been specially selected due to their outstanding Super Food status & health benefits, for example: helps reduce cholesterol, fat loss & weight management and acts as a appetite suppressant.

We have blended together Oats with Almond Seeds, Chia Seeds, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin Seeds, Flaxseed & Mace and for additional nutritional potency we have fortified our product with added vitamins & Minerals so creating a powerfully healthy meal.

Produced & Packed in the UK