Strawberry Snowball Soda (24 x 330ml) - Natural Craft Soda

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Dreamy Strawberry Snowball Soda


Quite simply divine, our Dreamy Strawberry Coconut Soda is a match made in heaven - rich strawberry and creamy coconut blended to absolute perfection. Made using only the best natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, there are just 92 calories in every can. Feel the fruit burst through with every sip.

Made in Scotland

Strawberry Coconut Soda Ingredients strawberry juice concentrateUnrefined sugar, Scottish Carbonated water, Citric acid, Natural flavourings.


Tired of mass-produced fizz full of unwanted chemicals?

Deserve something better to inspire your taste buds?

Why not join the Real Soda Revolution, and refuse to accept the mundane and ordinary when it comes to drinking your favourite beverage?

Great news!

Your very own Paisley Drinks Company is championing the cause with a brand-new

range of high-quality craft refreshments for all the soda revolutionistas out there.

Using only natural ingredients and real fruit flavours, their unique range offers a much-needed heathier alternative to traditional soft drinks. Their freshly bottled locally-made sodas are guaranteed to rekindle your passion for amazing tasting drinks.


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