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These botanicals are the perfect infusers for gin, vodka and spirit imparting both floral and complex spicy flavours. Infuse and Enjoy.



The art, science of mixing of spices, flowers, herbs or fruits with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks has been around for centuries. From monks in ancient monasteries preparing beer and liqeurs to the current day range of craft beers, gins & vodkas.

Today many people are taking to the art of Mixology to create a range of blends or cocktails, perhaps in a bar or in the home, to really satisfy individual tastes. This kit allows you to infuse the spirit of your choice with a range of global botanicals from spices, herbs & fruits to dried flowers and we’ve made as easy as possible for you.

Add some of these botanicals to a measure of gin or vodka in a glass, crush or pierce between two spoons or using a fork, to allow the flavours and oils to seep into the alcohol. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

:: Taste of Provence – Orange & Lavender ::

Warm floral and citrus aromas and flavours, oranges and lavender flowers have been grown in Provence, in the South of France, for centuries. Both have been used in medicines and perfume making as well as in Provencal cuisine and create the perfect partnership of a fruit & flower blend.

Add a small number of lavender flowers along with some orange peel and let these infuse in the spirit for 2-3 minutes.

:: Taste of Ceylon - Cardamom ::

A warm spice flavour and native to Sri Lanka, India & South-East Asia, cardamom is part of the ginger family with a strong and unique taste. Cardamom is also used in the distillation of some alcoholic spirits such as gin and has a sweet foretaste with a fiery aftertaste and can impart a beautiful perfume to any spirit.

Slightly break open the pods before use, to release the oils & leave to infuse.

:: Taste of Brazil – Pink Peppercorns ::

With a warm spice flavour, these pink peppercorns, though not strictly a pepper but a fruit, impart a peppery and soft fruity taste with a gentle hotness.
Pink peppercorn beer, also known as ‘chicha’, has been made for centuries in the Amazonian Basin in Brazil and throughout South America.

Gently press the peppercorns and allow them o infuse into the spirit for 2-3 minutes.

:: Taste of the Mediterranean – Coriander & Rose ::

With a floral & herb-seed aroma and flavour, coriander, a native to Southern Europe & North Africa is also known in many places as dizzycorn due to its so-called hypnotic aroma which is nutty with citrus notes. The Mediterranean is no stranger to flavouring drinks with rosewater and rose-petals.

Gently press the seeds between two spoons to open them to the spirit. Sprinkle the petals onto the spirit and leave both to infuse for 3-4 minutes

:: Taste of Szechuan – Szechuan Peppercorns & Star Anise ::

A warm striking flavour, Szechuan Peppercorn creates a tingling or numbing sensation around the mouth and partnered with Star Anise, creates a savoury and sweet taste with liquorice notes.

Press the peppercorns and use Star Anise sparingly without crushing

:: Taste of Mauritius – Hibiscus & Rosehip ::

Hibiscus flowers from the Roselle plant have been grown on this Indian Ocean island for centuries. A drink made from roselle was drunk by the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, and hibiscus is one of the ingredients in Jamaican Rum Punch. Rosehip is the fruit of the rose plant and is used extensively in cooking, jams, desserts and drinks and they can also be eaten raw.

Simply drop a hibiscus flower into the spirit and burst a rosehip between two teaspoons into the alcohol.

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