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Six cans of Dorset craft beers inspired by the smugglers and pioneers that founded and shaped our little corner of the County. Made exclusively by our friends Eight Arch Brewery. Brewed in Dorset, inspired by Dorset.


This multipack includes two of each of the three different brews: Dr Quartley Christchurch surgeon, Dr Quarterly, was woken in the middle of the night by a group of horsemen and told to follow them to Bransgore where a smuggler lay, severely wounded.

The doctor removed a musket ball from the man's shoulder and was rewarded with a keg of brandy. Dr Quarterly is a 4%, easy-sippin' pale ale crafted just for us by our friends down at Eight Arch Brewing.

Gulliver Isaac Gulliver was the legendary ‘King of the Smugglers’ whose gang ran gin, silk, lace and tea into Poole’s beaches in the 18th Century. He even pretended to be dead once lying in an open coffin to fool Customs men. He retired to Wimborne with his fortune, the town where this beer was born. This 4.5% pale ale is brewed with a combination of European, American & Southern Hemisphere hops combined for a fruity yet crisp finish, ideal to drink any time of year!

Angel of the Marsh The entrance to Christchurch Harbour, made up of gravel & ironstone was an ideal place for smugglers to land. Hannah 'Mother Sillars', landlady of the Haven Inn, Mudeford, also known as the 'Angel of the Marsh' would signal to smugglers when it was safe to bring cargo ashore by wearing her red cloak. Red like her cloak, this 5% ale, is packed with flavour and hoppy notes.

Ingredients Dr. Quartley: Barley, oats, hops, yeast, water and an injection of hugs. Gulliver: Barley, wheat, hops, yeast and a sprinkle of arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh pirate! Angel of the marsh: Barley, hops, yeast, water and an angelic sprinkle. Allergy Advice: Contains Gluten