Small Mixed Letter Box of 9 Snack Bars

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This Small Mixed Letter Box has 9 delicious and nutrious snack bars, with 3 of each of the following flavours: Apricot Orange Goji, Baobab Almond Brownie and Zesty Lemon Spirulina. Each bar has been designed with great quality and flavour in mind, and they are organic and vegan!


As a Leiths trained chef, I created GB CHEW raw organic snacks as a solution for my coffee van customers who were frustrated that convenient products for active people compromised on quality and flavour to keep prices low.

For these reasons we believe it’s worthwhile buying our premium and stealthily healthy snacks:

1) Being 100% Organic is best for flavour and a healthy gut.
2) Our Prebiotic Yacon root vegetable binds the ingredients whilst lowering sugar spikes.
3) Being raw ensures minimal processing and therefore increases nutrients.
4) The succulent, chewy texture enhances digestion and makes for a more filling snack.

Apricot Orange Goji - Chock-full with antioxidants, apricots and goji berries – a Chinese wonder fruit. It’s seedy, soft and sweet with a powerful punch of orange.

Baobab Almond Brownie - A rich fudgy sensation, with an almond, cacao crunch and the unique caramel flavour of the baobab powder.

Zesty Lemon Spirulina - Don’t be fooled! Despite its sludge green colour, this high protein fresh water algae makes an exotic mash up with a lemon zing.

May contain traces of nuts, pips or shells

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