Six Artisan Global Spice Mixes

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A Gift Selection of Six Global Spice Mixes, each a reflection of flavour from a different part of the world. Bring the flavour of adventure into your life !

The spice trade developed in South-East Asia and the Middle East over 4000 years ago and initially made its way to Europe in the Middle Ages through the spice and silk routes. The main use of spices in those days was medicinal and for preserving food and only subsequently were spices seen from an aroma and taste perspective.

Each of the ingredients are individually packed in round clear containers and holds 20 grams of spice blend. Six containers are held in a clear gift tube measuring approximately 170 mm in length.

Please note that the spices may contain ingredients like Sesame, Celery and Mustard.

With Artisan Global Spice Mixes we would like you to experience some of those very fragrances and appetizing tastes from their journeys around the world!

Consider yourself on an adventure across continents experiencing flavours, from the reverence of Japanese cuisine to the festivities of Louisiana and the ancient flavours of the Middle East.

::: Moroccan Ras El Hanout Spice:::

The base of many North African cuisines, Ras el Hanout has a rich floral aroma from its edible rose petals and a strong fragrant flavour with a hit of peppery heat. Its name means "head of the shop" in Arabic.

A teaspoon of this spice with some olive oil and honey rubbed onto lamb, chicken or beef creates that perfect balance of sweet and warm spice. You can also mix with mince to make koftas or flavour tagines and soups to make authentic Arabian dishes.

::: Lebanese Za’atar Spice :::

Also called Hyssop, this ancient Middle East spice has endured since medieval times. Dried sumac berries, which gives this spice its rich red colour and tang is rich in antioxidants. Though recommended as a rub over meats or as a sprinkle over fatoush salad, I love dipping crusty bread into olive oil permeated with the flavour of Za’atar.

::: Japanese Togarashi Spice :::

Shichimi Togarashi is a seven spice blend dating back to 17th century Tokyo. Chilli in this spice livens up grilled meats, Udon noodles, rice and soups and is used as a finishing spice. The orange peel flavour touches on the fresh oceanic flavours of the seaweed enhancing the tingle of Sichuan pepper in this blend. You’ll love the versatility of this hot spice from a grilled crust over firm fish or sprinkled over sweet sticky ribs.

::: Louisiana Smoked Spice :::

Louisiana is the one place where authentic Cajun or Creole cooking will never stray far from its roots. This blend of herbs and spices is the perfect combination for grills and BBQ’s creating original flavours of the American deep-south. Toss shrimps in this spice as it comes off the BBQ or crisp up a spicy crust on veggies, meat or ribs for that moreish, earthy and herby smoked flavour.

::: Mexican Chilli Spice :::

This Mexican Chilli spice has its origins in Mayan cuisine. The mild chilli flavour warms the palate while its peppery sweet flavour compliments the savouriness of the herbs. Marinate chicken, meat and parboiled root vegetables for at least 8 hours, then grill or BBQ. Baste with melted butter halfway through the cooking process and enjoy an explosion of flavour with every bite.

::: Bombay Tandoori Spice :::

The Tandoor, the charcoal-fired clay oven is the art of cooking in contact with fire. From its Persian beginnings, this mode of cooking has gained popularity across Central Asia and Armenia. The bold flavours of paprika, pepper, cumin and coriander mingle when mixed with yoghurt, garlic and ginger before chargrilling or roasting vegetables, chicken, meat and fish. Zing it up further with fresh mint and a squeeze of lemon for perfection as it comes off the grill.

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