Silverbirch Natural Sugar Substitute 3 x 275g

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A 100% all-natural sugar direct from the fibres of woody plants. Sourced to replace white refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

We are the maestro's in all things sweet, specifically sugars - having worked in the sugar refining industry, BONRAW™ duo, Elpida & Tamas have teamed up to create the perfect better-for-you all-natural sugars.

If you like your tea and coffee sweet, or like to sprinkle sugar on your foods - Silverbirch™ is the perfect match. Derived from the fibres of woody plants, this all-natural sugar that tastes like white refined sugar but instead poses multiple health benefits that makes it better-for-you.

  • Low GI of 7 vs. 67, will not spike blood sugar levels as regulars sugars
  • 40% less Calories than white refined sugars
  • Less available carbohydrates than sugar
  • Releases energy 11 x slower than sugar, leaving you fuller for longer 
  • Supports good dental health – Contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation - will not decay tooth enamel and cause cavities like regular sugars.
  • Suitable for dieters and diabetics and anyone concerned general well being
  • Vegan friendly
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Use 1:1 as a direct replacement - no need to measure out specific quantities.
  • Shake me before each use. Store away from direct sunlight and keep in my pot.
  • Sourced from origin countries and proudly packed in the UK.
  • Our packing house also handles nuts. 
  • Do Not feed to animals.
  • Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

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