Ship's Biscuits

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Ship's Biscuits are savoury, rustic, fish shaped crackers, baked with laverbread and topped with dulse seaweed and Halen Mon sea salt


Ship’s Biscuits are handcrafted by lovely Welsh mermaids, who endeavour to bring those who eat them, a taste of Welsh coastal heritage. Inspired by the hard tack crackers made for sailors to take aboard long voyages in years gone by, our savoury fish shaped crackers are similar to those made locally around our coast line in Pembrokeshire and nation wide. Enhanced with more indulgent ingredients and baked with laverbread, a staple in the traditional Welsh diet, they come with the fantastic taste of the sea.

Use them to dip, as canapé’s, with platters or enjoy them on their own.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Milk, Butter, Laverbread, Egg, Dulse, Salt, Pepper.

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