VAT Receipts

We have a large audience of corporates and businesses that buy from BoroughBox, and of course they'll usually need a VAT receipt. 

Our order confirmation emails have a link on them for the customer to request a VAT receipt - which you must provide. When a receipt is requested you'll get an email with the subject line: "Please can I request a VAT receipt for Order #1000XXXXX"

Many sellers think that it's us that should provide the VAT receipt buit this is not the case. Here's an explanation of why:

The marketplace is simply us facilitating a transaction on your behalf, which is why we produce an invoice each month with our commission for that service. It's 25% broken out as 20.83% + VAT (making the 25%).

Customer is buying directly from Seller on the marketplace, we just host the transaction and charge commisson.

An example would look like this:

Stage 1: Product A is sold on BoroughBox Marketplace for £100.

**The transaction is between Consumer and Seller (occasionally Sellers send invoices to us as if we've bought and resold the products, which we haven't. Think eBay, Amazon or Ticketmaster if it helps. They simply facilitate the transaction on your behalf and take a commission for doing so). Any orders that come through you should just create internally in the usual way as if you're dealing with them yourself directly.**

Stage 2: BoroughBox remit £75 to Seller in the middle of the following month (this is easier than remitting the full £100 and then invoicing you).

Stage 3: Around the same time as payment you receive a Remittance Statement and an Invoice from BoroughBox for our services. The invoice would be: £20.83 + VAT (£4.17) = £25. The invoice is marked as PAID because we've held the monies back.

When a customer requests a VAT invoice the seller must provide it. If you're on something like Amazon Marketplace it's the same, customer requests a VAT invoice from the seller directly.

If a VAT receipt is requested please do you best to send it as soon as possible. 

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