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Receiving and Sending Orders 

When we receive an order for any of your products you’ll receive an email notification immediately.

As default the email address that you registered with will receive email notifications, it is a good idea to add multiple email addresses to receive these emails to ensure that the order is picked up. Email us at sellers@boroughbox.com​ if you’d like to add other email addresses to receive notifications.

When you receive the order notification email ​please login and mark the order as acknowledged​ -­ this is very important so we know that you are dealing with the order. We will also notify the customer that you’ve accepted the order. Then mark the order as shipped as soon as you send it out.

The screenshots below illustrate the steps that you need to take to process and ship an order.

Please ensure you print out and include the packing slip in the order - the packing slip includes any gift messages contained on the order as well as the delivery address.

Important note: the most common question that we get from customers is asking when their order will be delivered. If you have tracking information please make sure you add it to help keep the customer informed. 

Order Processing Step 1

Acknowledge your order: 

Acknowledge Order

Print your packing slip, this will include order details and gift messages, it should be included in the order:

Packing slip

Ship your order (1): 

Ship order

Ship your order (2 - add tracking information): 

Enter tracking and ship

Checking Your Past Orders

When orders are marked as shipped they'll disappear from your default orders screen. If you need to check any past order details you can do it as illustrated below: 

Order Processing Step 3


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