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Customer Services

Keeping your customers happy! 

Every person who orders through BoroughBox.com is your customer - we expect you to offer them the best possible customer service so they'll return to buy from you (and us) again and again. 

We allow customers to get in touch with you through a link on their order confirmation and shipment emails so they can email you if they have any question or problems.  The link opens a new email that goes to you (the registered email address on your account) and us and will include the order number.

It goes without saying that the quicker you can respond to the better. Even the most unhappy customer can often be turned around by a quick response and putting the situation right (if anything has gone wrong).

Remember that your responses reflect on you as a company, as well as us. Replying as quickly as you can and ensuring you answer all questions is really important. 

When you respond to emails make sure you reply to all, so we get a copy of the response, otherwise we may chase you to make sure you get back to the customer.

The most common questions that customers send is asking when their order will arrive, if you are able to then send them a link to tracking information so they can easily keep themselves updated. 

If for any reason you need to refund a customer then let us know and we can process this for you. Just email us with the order number and how much to refund.

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