Adding Products

Choosing and Optimising Your Products

Our marketplace has been very successful in enabling our customers to easily purchase every day basics as well as discovering new foods but we find that the majority of our best selling marketplace items have a gifting side to them.

We find that our customers react best to bundled products, rather than just buying one item of something, they like to buy a package of a few that work brilliantly as a gift, or can enable them to sample a number of items from a supplier.

For example if you make jams then please do list all of your flavours on the site, but also look into adding special bundles of your most popular flavours. If you're able to provide some gift packaging then even better.

It’s possible to offer a bundle pack where the customer can choose which flavours they add - to do this set up the base product (e.g. “Our Gift Pack”) and then include all of the custom options that you’d like the customer to be able to choose from - make sure that you add additional costs to the options if applicable.

You can also help you give customers the choice on certain aspects of your products, for example if you want to let them add a gift box for extra cost then you can do this, or if your product comes in different variations you can also add this (for example if you offer coffee in whole beans or ground).

We've also created a more detailed guide to optimising your product listings which is well worth checking out - there's plenty of tips to help you improve your listings with us, or anywhere else you sell. Check it out here.

Login To The Portal

To login to your vendor portal, go to and enter your username and password. Your username is the email address you used when you signed up.

If you've forgotten your password, the quickest way to reset it is to follow the lost password procedure.

If you experience login difficulties, please send an email to

Your Dashboard

Once you login, you'll be taken to your dashboard home page.

On the left, you'll see the navigation menu icons. To the right of these icons are your dashboard notices, and the status overview of your orders.

We're currently implementing new functionality, so check the dashboard notices for details of what's going on.

Navigating Your Dashboard

Move your mouse over the icons on the left and the full menu will slide into view.

You can keep the full menu in view by clicking the "dot" to the right of the BoroughBox logo.

The menu items will change as add functionality to your portal.

Adding Products

Click the "Add Product" navigation link and the new product window will open.

Fill in all of the relevant information:

  • Product Name
  • Stock Status
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Stock Quantity
  • Price (inc. VAT if applicable)
  • Weight (in kilograms)
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Meta Keyword (you can ignore this field)
  • Meta Description


Product Name

Make sure it states exactly what it is, i.e: for a six pack of "Pink Truffles" would not be as clear as "Pink Chocolate Truffles (6 pack)"

Short Description

The brief description appears to the right of the product image, above the add to basket button.

This should be a very concise sentence or two that highlights the key reasons to buy your item and any value adds. Keep it short, sharp and to the point - make the reader want to go on to read the full description.

If you offer free delivery, either on all items, or above a certain limit then make sure you mention it here.

An example might be;
"This pack of six incredible Pink Chocolate Truffles (150g) are hand made in a traditional way using only the finest ingredients. Beautifully presented in a box they make the perfect chocolate gift or treat for the family.

When spending more than £10 with XXX you'll enjoy free delivery, so make sure you fill your basket."

Full Description

This is where you can let your creativity flow! Give as many details about the product as you can. Tell a story about how your product came to life, what inspired you to make it, describe the flavours that the customer will experience.

It’s important to make sure that you’re using original product descriptions, rather than ones copied from your existing site - this will help your site and ours get the best Google rankings.

An ideal product description will look something like this:

1. Lead with an enticing product description.

2. Move onto any useful tips for cooking/preparing with the product. Perhaps mention other products it goes well with and compliments. Any awards it's won, special nutritional value, etc.

3. List the Product Ingredients / Storage / Shelf Life / Size or Weight


- Ingredients: xxx

- Allergy Information: xxx

- Once opened the xxx needs to be stored xxx

- Life once opened: xxx

- Size & Weight Information: xxx

4. Finish with Delivery Information

- Estimated delivery times / special notes: xxx

- Delivery costs: xxx

- Delivery Exclusions: xxx (UK only, certain areas unavailable, days not being sent, etc)

5. A few further tips:

- Think about readability, use short sentences and paragraphs - not just one large block of text.

- Use bullet points to list key points and brief pieces of information.

- Make it interesting, tell a story to get the reader excited about your products.

The must have's in separate paragraphs include Size/Weight, Ingredients, Allergen Information, Dietary Suitability, Shelf Life, etc. For example;

Delicious fresh cream ganache, delicately infused with Marc de Champagne and a smooth raspberry puree, all combine to make these stunning Pink Chocolate Truffles. Sealed in a white chocolate shell and adorned with raspberry pieces, every decadent bite will leave you with an unceasing desire for more.

XXX have been experts in the world of chocolate for over 30 years. From our base in XXX our range includes all kinds of chocolate gifts, single bars of chocolates, chocolate truffles and more.

150g product (six truffles in total) with ingredients: glucose, sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, sweetened condensed skimmed MILK, water, butter (MILK), salt, (emulsifier) SOYA lecithin, natural flavouring

Store in a cool, dry place.

Allergens: Please see CAPITALS above. Chocolate is made in a factory that handles nuts and gluten. Shelf life of this product 3 months.

Customers enjoy free shipping when spending over £10 with XXX. Next day shipping available.

Meta Description

The meta description is displayed on search engine results pages so should be enticing to the reader to help get them to click through.

Your meta description should be no longer than 160 characters, try to include a call to action at the start to encourage the reader to click through to buy, a good example would be:

Buy the Artisan Sweet Treats Hamper from BoroughBox. A delicious selection of treats, the Artisan Sweet Treats Gift Hamper is a perfect present for the foodie in your life.


Images are a vital part of selling anything online, so it’s important that you upload the best possible images to the site. Your images should show your products in the best light and make the viewer want to eat or drink them straight away!

For the best results, add more than one image, and show your product in it’s packaging as well as in a lifestyle setting, so the customer can see how it will look when they’re about to consume it.

Key points:

  • Images must be square.
    They should be at least 1000x1000 pixels, ideally 1800x1800 pixels, which is the maximum size you should upload to our portal. (There are lots of ways you can resize images. Here's a free online service
  • Images should be a max size of 500kb but aim for lower than this if you can, to help the page load more quickly. Once your images are resized, head to and use their free image compression service. Upload your images to TinyPNG and then download the compressed versions.
  • There is no maximum amount of images you can upload, but we’d recommend no more than 5.

Please note: when we chose which products to promote in email newsletters and throughout our site, we only pick products with good imagery - please make sure that your pictures are square and fit the brief above to enable us to promote your products in the best ways.

Adding Images

Simply click the "Select images to add for product". A file picker will open on your computer for you to select the images you want.

The first image uploaded will be used as the base image, the thumbnail and the small image. These are the main image and images in search and categories. You can change this easily by selecting the drop down for the image you want.

Custom Options

You can add a wide variety of options to allow customers to customise the product they're ordering from you.

Simply click the "Add new options" button to begin.

You might want to allow customisation of packaging, including extra items, or selecting individual product components.

Example Custom Options

The first example shows how you might allow a customer to change the packaging of an item, including any additional costs.

The second example shows how customers might be able to customise a box of chocolates with their favourites, without any costs being involved.

Make sure you're sensible with making an option required or not.

If you need help with custom options, simply reach out to us at


Once you're finished adding any options, click the "save changes" button.


We need to upload your shipping rules into the system — you're currently unable to do this step. (This might change in future as we add functionality to your portal.)

Email us at with all of your shipping details and we will upload as soon as possible to get your products live. Please make it clear if you have different rules for different products, different quantities or total spend and any different charges to mainland UK, Ireland, Guernsey / Jersey etc.

Of course, if you can afford to offer free shipping then it will be a great selling point. But if not then think about how you can offer the best price to the customer to help convince them to buy. Shipping costs are one of the biggest barriers to purchasing online. If you can offer lower prices for a customer to buy two or three units of your product then they’ll be more likely to do it.

You can have more than one shipping rate, if you offer expedited shipping then just let us know the timescales and costs. If you offer something like next day shipping make sure you mention it in your product copy, and include a cut off time for next day deliveries.

Unless your shipping rules change, you only need to provide this information once.

Tell Us To Put Your Products Live

Once you completed the steps above send an email to to let us know that your products are ready to go live. If this is your first set of products, you can provide this instruction when you send us your shipping information.

We’ll give them a final review, make any necessary tweaks and switch them live so they’ll be ready to sell.

(You must remember to tell us when you add additional products too.)

Once Live

After we’ve set your products live we’ll email you a link to your storefront which will include all of your products. Double check that you’re happy with everything, you can either make any necessary changes yourself or email us if you need any help.

Then once you’re happy with all of your products we recommend placing a link to your storefront from your own website. This will help your storefront to be found by Google and will make it much more likely to appear in search results so you’ll be more likely to get sales.

If you already sell directly through your own site then make it a non-prominent link.

Do also post a link to your social channels, which we'll also share.

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