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Berlin is a vibrant and ever changing city where you visit the past as well as the future. Our team will be dedicated to guide you through small businesses and local restaurants, giving you the tastes and history of each bite.
When you come on our food tour in Berlin, you will get to try the many different types of German culinary delights, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling. -To begin with, your local guide will take you into the Raw Market to see and experience the Berlin of 1865 and 1989 and you will learn its relevance in both times. -Our walk will take us to one of the best kebab shops in the city, where we will taste freshly roasted meats. -See the stunning street art and modern art galleries located around this area. You will then try traditional German fresh cheeses and cured meats in a traditional bite in a local Pub (Beer Hall) and of course a choice of the local beers (non-alcoholic options available). -Learn the difference between German (and Polish) bagels and how they became famous in NY. We spend time looking at the Jewels of East Germany, the wide boulevards built to impress both the residents and visitors. -We will stop into a wine shop to taste one of our most famous cheeses and two German wines (non-alcoholic options available). -Try some classic German pastries and cakes in a cute boutique bakery. -Taste the foreign influence on the city with some Turkish sweets for those who have a sweet tooth. -Learn about German sausages and try a Currywurst. -We wind up at the most famous site of the East, the Berlin Wall and East Side Gallery with a Secret Treat to enjoy on the way. Please note: the itinerary is subject to change, based on the locations availability and weather. Simply purchase your tour right now on BoroughBox and will then send you a voucher with all the details of how to book and enjoy your tour! Start discovering now! Important: The guide will open an orange umbrella so it's easy to spot :)
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