Seaweed Gin

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Dà Mhìle Organic Seaweed Gin is our latest masterpiece fresh from the still!

This seaweed gin is made with a cut-down, hand selected variant of botanicals to our small batch gin and designed to complement seafood. It's then infused with fresh seaweed from the Newquay coast for three weeks, giving it a lovely green hue before being triple filtered and bottled.


Nose: “As soon as I opened the bottle, I got a massive, herby whiff that was green and inviting, but also very warm. I poured a measure, took a sniff, and was blown away by the heady mixture of vibrant herbs andspices. There's an aniseedy fennel type scent, a pepperiness, delicate lemon thyme, and a gorgeous nosefilling cardamom aroma that really sealed the deal. Maybe it's all in my head, but I felt the seaweed also added a mineral, seasidey element.” Taste: “This all follows through on the palate, with the addition of a slightly bitter orange, and the hint of something fruitier. It's certainly less sweet than the luscious, gingery Warner Edwards, and warming in a different, spicier way, and lacks the juniper in-your-face-ness (some might say overkill) you can get with better known brands.” Overall: “If you're looking for a new, exciting gin to try, this is SO IT. And it's the kind of gin you'll always want a bottle of in the cupboard to brighten a dull day. Impressively, the distillery sells it in 50ml, 350ml and 700ml bottles, so you can even buy a wee one to experiment - but I warn you, it's likely you'll be re-ordering pretty quickly.”