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Seaweed Chilli Crush

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Great Taste 1-star and Taste of the West GOLD

Yes, we’re infatuated! Seaspoon’s latest launch, Seaweed Chilli Crush, is to be sprinkled on everything. A subtle heat means you can shake it liberally, benefitting from the goodness of seaweed whilst adding a gentle zing to your food.

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Yes, we’re infatuated! And the reason? It’s Seaspoon Seaweed’s latest launch, Seaweed Chilli Crush. In short, you’ll want to sprinkle this nutritious seasoning on everything. Try it on scrambled eggs with smashed avocado or mixed into mayo for dipping fries to cheese on toast, soups and salad dressings.

The subtle heat of Chilli Crush means you can shake it liberally, benefitting from the goodness of seaweed. In addition, you know you’re getting something special with the Taste of the West Gold and Great Taste Star recently awarded.

What’s more, all Seaspoon products are gluten and dairy free. Plus, they’re made in the UK using sustainably harvested seaweed.

Healthy, tasty, easy is Seaspoon’s mantra. They are on a mission to help you to include seaweed into a healthy lifestyle. The South-West based producers harvest seaweed by hand from South Devon. Their seaweed blends are a treasure for the store cupboard. This is because of Seaweed’s nutritional make up, it’s sustainable credentials and it’s naturally salty taste and umami flavour. It all goes to make seaweed a great ingredient for your every day. In addition, their big flavours will help you cut back on added salt.

Great Taste 1-star
Taste of the West GOLD

INGREDIENTS (seaweed 40%):
Sea spaghetti
Sea lettuce
Aleppo chilli (44%)
vegetable oil
Seaspoon harvest seaweed on the south coast of Devon and also work with a European organic cultivator.

Given it’s (seaweeds) natural origin may contain fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

As a team of foodies, health enthusiasts and keen cooks, we wanted to incorporate the extraordinary benefits of seaweed into our diets but struggled to see how. As a result, we embarked on a journey of discovery, fascination and development to harness the vibrancy of this magnificent “Wonderfood” in easy to use ways.

Our complex, balanced and nutritious blends are designed to be quick and easy to charge up your smoothies, add amazing flavours and to stimulate your taste buds whilst adding natural goodness.

Seaweed is recognised as a nutrient-dense natural food. Now, thanks to Seaspoon, it’s easy to incorporate this super-ingredient into your life

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