Sea Salad Shaker

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Our award winning delicious Sea Salad blend of seaweeds are hand harvested from pristine Devon waters, and slowly dried maintaining nutrients, flavour and colour. Simply shake onto meals as a seasoning or use within recipes.

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Delicate green marine flavours with a touch of pepper. Delicious with fish,eggs,pizzas, salads, shellfish,salads and soups. Try with ice cream and desserts. Great for juicing. Highly versatile just let your imagination run free. Seaweeds are between 10 and twenty times more mineral dense than land plants. Just a few grams gives not just a flavour punch but massive nutrient punch also. Use as a low salt option or an alternative to herbs and spices.

Contains Sea Lettuce Dulse and Laver dried seaweed flakes. Ebb Tides making healthy simple... Eat raw or cooked.

Allergen Information: May contain traces of shellfish Packaging: Recyclable glass and plastic. Storage Suggestion: Store away from sunlight at ambient temperature. Weight 183g net 12g Best Before Date: August 2019 Delivery £2 90.

Free delivery on orders over £25