Scottish Rapeseed Honey 400g

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Rapeseed honey is considered to be an ugly duckling of honey. It is one of the first major food source for bees and very important for a good start of the beekeeping season as girls tend to multiply very quickly due to high pollen content on the OSR flowers.We always cream our Rapeseed Honey to avoid the unpleasant situation when you have to scrape honey which is rock solid and to bring out amazing texture and surprising taste as, when runny flavour is sharper and less pleasant..

What to do with it? Well. it is up to you. We love it on toast! What else? Replace icing sugar with it on carrot cakes or muffins. Use it to make your own Nutella by adding some cocoa powder and peanut butter. Consider is more of a sugar based spread that just awaits your ideas.

The creaming process is a very prolonged and time consuming exercise due to the rhythm of work of the creaming machine. It churns honey with special paddles in a vessel every hour for 15 mins 24/7. To achieve perfect smoothness sometimes takes up to 2 weeks of this process and then a week of setting down for all the air bubbles of escape.

The results are worth the hassle.

The creamy sensation is irresistible and even a year after the honey retains a butter like texture.

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