Scottish Heather Honey - Two Jars

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The King of Honey, from the wild heather moors of Argyll Scotland. Raw, unprocessed and naturally harvested honey. Alba gu bràth!


Raw, unprocessed and naturally harvested, a beautifully scented colourful and full bodied honey. This natural and unprocessed honey is from our own bees on the wild heather moors of Argyll Scotland. 

The taste: Strong flavoured, clear and thick. It is often considered as the King of honey. It can be sticky like jelly and hard to extract from the comb. We use hard pressing to extract it. According to some reports, the best heather honey is produced in Scotland. Heather plants have several varieties two of which are commonly found on the hills of Scotland. These are Bell heather and Ling Heather.

Two jars "because one is never enough"

Each jar is 9cm x 6.3cm, 227 grams. (Total weight approx 500 grams)