Savoury Beetroot & Spice Crackers (IBsnack)

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Living Gluten Free & having other diet restrictions should not diminish the need for good taste & a variety of choices.

Vegan, Organic, Gluten, Dairy Free IBsnack is a healthy bite to keep you going between meals as part of a balanced diet. We have carefully selected the ingredients to accommodate anyone on a LowFODMAP diet for IBS management.


1 pack 100g - £4.50
5 packs - £17.50
10 packs - £29

Loves your gut

 High in calcium - calcium contributes to the normal function of the digestive system
 Source of zinc - supports metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids & macronutrients
 High in magnesium reducing tiredness & fatigue
 High in copper supporting the immune system
 High in vit E to protect from oxidative stress
 Packed with good fats from seeds which in polyunsaturated fat reduce cholestral
 Good source of plant based protein.

Excellent for Vegans Beetroot provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & detoxification support. Source of fibre, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C. *Energy to Dance - The best way to say thank you to the Resources for Autism, a wonderful organisation that support my son & other children with AUTISM & complex needs, is to dedicate £0.10 of each pack sold. This enables continuing support to the growing Autism population! Registered Charity No: 1061253

Ingredients: mixed seeds: quinoa, flax seed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds (42%), gluten free porridge (10%), pea protein, beetroot, lemon oil, tricalcium phosphate, water Nutrition: Serving size one portion 100g Energy kcal* 460 (23%), Calories from fat* 216, Total Fat 24 g (35%), of which saturated* 3 g (15%), Polyunsaturated* 86%, Omega3* 244%, Omega6* 60%, Carbohydrate* 32 g (12%), of which sugar* 3.4 g (4%) Protein* 20.3 g (41%), Fibre* 12.60 g (50%), Salt* 0.3 g, Cholesterol* 0, Manganese* 116%, Copper* 100%, Phosphorus* 67%, Magnesium* 63%, Iron* 46%, Folic Acid (Bg)* 44%, Vitamin E* 42%, Vitamin B7,B6, B3, B2, B1* 40%, Calcium* 39%, Zinc* 37%, Potassium* 35%