Saf Life

Saf Life produce incredible raw food and snacks. Raw food is a fantastic way to introduce nutrients to your diet that are normally lost when cooking at high temperatures. Our range of raw vegan snacks are not only convenient but also provide a nourishing and cleansing boost to our health. Not only are they all vegan certified, they also use low GI sugars, and some are even soy free and great sources of fibre and protein. Some of our snacks are even certified Organic. By making our snacks at 46°C, we preserve flavours and their energy-giving enzymes so that vital vitamins stay intact. This protects and supports the building blocks of growing, healing and maintenance of our bodies. Saf Life was born in 2006, out of a passion to help individuals achieve optimum health and well-being through holistic nutrition. Our philosophy is based on the idea to ’Eat pure and nourish your life’. All of our snacks are made by hand and dehydrated in our state-of-the-art production facility. We have one of the largest custom made dehydration capacities in the UK. We follow SALSA and Soil Association procedures as part of our manufacturing process to ensure that production standards are kept to a high standard. Our unit is kept meat, dairy and gluten free at all times.


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