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Traditionally Sambols are eaten as a breakfast condiments, the perfect way to start your day!
RUCI exotic handmade Sambols are made with 100% natural ingredients. No added colours, flavours or preservatives.
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Savour the authentic taste of Sri Lanka with our selection of RUCI Sambols.

Attractively packed in gold and red gift box, the selection includes:
Green Coconut Sambol - A grated coconut relish, with green chilies, red onions, lime, curry leaves & salt. Perfect to sprinkle on toast or salads or to spice up any wrap.
Red Coconut Sambol - Shredded coconut blended with dried red chilies, red onions, lime, curry leaves & salt. Serve on your cheese board to add spice & colour. .
Seeni Sambol - A beautiful blend of red onions with dried chilies, palm oil (sourced in Sri Lanka), tamarind, salt, sugar & cinnamon, all flavours which work together to make a perfect relish to add a spicy twist to your cheese on toast.
Katta Sambol - Tops the chart for heat from the sharpness of red onions and pungency of dried red chilies, blended together with soya, salt, vinegar, ginger & garlic. A fiery addition to any meal - spoon with caution!