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Rescue Strawberry Energy Balls (12 x 40g)

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Two strawberry energy balls with a strawberry dusting.

Our strawberry energy balls are packed full of rescue fruit and bursting with fruity flavour. Along with 14 rescue strawberries in every pack, we combine a few other simple ingredients and top it off with a bright strawberry powder to create a delicious snack that really packs a punch. When we say strawberry, we mean strawberry - no concentrates or flavourings here.


Whether you've had a hectic morning with little ones or need a post-gym boost, these energy balls are the perfect pick-me-up.


We rescue fruit that's been rejected by shops for a variety of reasons - there might be a surplus due to over-production, the supermarkets might be stocked up, or the fruit might just not look quite right. By putting this fruit through our pioneering air-drying technology, we can preserve the nutrients and intensify the natural flavours.


Vegan, gluten-free, no added sugar.

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