Raw Organic Honey with Organic Chilli

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Delicious Honey with Chilli from Nuts4Honey!

1 x 250g jar
The sweet taste of honey combined with the chillies makes this combination an explosive one! Forget about cutting the chillies when you cook!! A subtle sweetness mixed with the shockingly spicy chillies! Add it to anything to make a great meal!

We tried it with Chinese stir fry, spiced up spaghetti Bolognese and glazed our meat for BBQ ! Use it on the chicken, beef, pork or vegetables! Fantastic on its own, believe it or not! A natural source of energy and vitality! Beware to work out your “heath” level, start off with a small amount and then increase to the level you can cope with! And, unlike any chilli sauce, there are no preservatives, sugars, collouring or anything artificial! It also lasts longer then sauces.. Suitable for: • Vegetarians (Yes) • Gluten Free (Yes) • Lactose Free (Yes) • Nut Free (Yes)
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