Quince preserve for cheese, 135g

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Our award-winning, eco-conscious, handmade quince fruit preserve is packed with flavour and makes the ideal accompaniment to quality cheese. FREE shipping on four jars or more of any flavour.


This is the classic cheese accompaniment known as quince cheese, or sometimes quince paste or membrillo. Despite its name it is not actually a cheese, but a concentrated, sliceable fruit preserve which makes the perfect partner for cheese, especially hard, mature types such as Manchego or a good Cheddar. It can also be used as a delicious glaze for roast meat.

We harvest fresh English quinces when fully ripe, slow-roast them to bring out their full flavour and then sieve them to a fine, smooth puree. After this we gently cook a small batch of puree with sugar and lemon juice, hand-stirring all the while in the traditional way. It is a long process but results in an intense concentration of flavour and a glossy, bright russet-coloured, set preserve with the slight graininess and floral flavour typical of quinces.

As well as delivering top-quality flavour we are passionate about being as environmentally friendly as possible by reducing wasted food and championing locally-grown produce. All the fruit we use is grown locally and as much as possible is top-quality surplus produce which would otherwise waste for lack of an outlet.

We are thrilled that our quince cheese won a rare and coveted 3 stars in the 2018 Great Taste Awards. “It really packs a punch of flavour and would be a must on any cheese board. We can't find fault in this product, it is the best we have tried.” Great Taste Award judges, 2018

Ingredients: quinces, sugar, lemon juice
Dietary advice: vegan, gluten-free.