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A creamy oat-based alternative to your coffee creamer! Distinguished by a specific and unique taste thanks to a specially heat-treated oatmeal, making it the perfect creamy milk alternative for Vegan.

Our Powdered Oatmeal Drink is distinguished by a specific and unique taste thanks to a specially heat-treated oatmeal, making it the perfect creamy milk alternative for your morning coffee or camping trip! 450g of Oat Powder Makes 4.5 litre of Oat Drink!

Added benefits:

Enriched with calcium and phosphorus, which are minerals that have a positive effect on our body in the field of digestive enzymes and help maintain the proper condition of bones and teeth.

Instant Oat Powder Uses:

Beverages - add the oat drink into your coffee, smoothie or cocktail
Porridge - Our Oat Powder can be a basic ingredient to prepare your favourite breakfast porridge
Cooking - Use our oat drink in the kitchen, for sauces and milk alternatives. Oat Drink Powder adds texture and taste, its also a way to naturally sweeten your deserts!
Milk Alternative- Use this plant-based drink instead of cows milk
Northern Pantry's Instant Oat Drink is a suitable alternative to cow's milk, perfect for Vegans & people with allergies. Our Powdered Oat Milk does not contain lactose or genetically modified organisms.

Instructions for preparation:

For tea/coffee: Mix 2 teaspoons of Powdered Oat Drink in your hot (not boiling) beverage. Stir for 30 seconds.

For a tasty cold drink: Mix 25 g of Powdered Oat Drink (2 full table spoons) in a small amount of water into a puree and add it into 250 ml. Use a blender or a shaker for the preparation of a cold beverage.

Carefully seal the package after each use.


OAT flour (21%), dried glucose syrup, coconut fat, dextrose, maltodextrin, inulin, emulsifier: E472e (vegetable origin), stabilizer: potassium phosphate, calcium phosphate & edible salt

vegan oat milk powder Allergens
Gluten, Nuts


Store at a temperature up to 24 °C and a relative humidity up to 70 °C.

Please note product is not suitable for replacing babies formula and may contain Soya and nuts (due to cross contamination).

Disclaimer: We are not doctors nor registered nutritionists. All the information we share are solely based on the research and information open to the public domain, on our personal experience, and on the feedback of our customers and in no way breaches or breaks the boundaries of the law in the UK where we live.

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