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Our Story


What is Boroughbox?

BoroughBox is the solution to your foodie cravings. A space for everyone who deserves a little treat. We support honest and inspiring independent food and drink businesses by connecting them directly to you. No fuss, no faff, just fresh artisanal produce and world-class service. Your future favourites delivered directly to your doorstep.

BoroughBox is jam-packed with the finest food and drink from hundreds of independent producers across the UK and beyond. Our retail platform and marketplace connects 1000's of customers to the best independent food & drink businesses every day. A regular must-shop for any serious foodie.

How did Boroughbox start?

BoroughBox began life when our founder Andy saw first-hand the challenges that independent producers were forced to overcome. It was hard for them to stay afloat in a biased market that neglected them in favour of mass-market suppliers.

So, he set out to build an alternative model that puts people above profit. A platform that showcases the tastiest goodies and most delectable delights from independent producers.

What’s so special about BoroughBox?

It’s our independent suppliers that are the movers, shakers, bakers and creators who define the food and drink of today and the future. They’re the crazy pioneers and creators whose innovative values and ethics drive the progress of the food and drink industry to new heights. We get to be a part of a landscape that never stands still. How it’s sourced, how it’s made, how did someone even think to combine those ingredients? Each product has its own fascinating story. What’s not special about that?


BoroughBox is a whole lot more than just an online marketplace, we’re home to the finest independent food and drink from around the world. To handle such pressure, the team here is split up into four distinct divisions. You can find out more details below:


Our Retail Division is where we curate and feature the products we love. Everything is ‘tried and tasted’, and we showcase our delicious products in gift boxes, as well as in newsletters, on social and the blog. Discovering new and exciting brands is at the very core of our mission.

Caringly curated selections and meticulously crafted gift boxes is what BoroughBox is founded on. We’re about providing expert foodie knowledge and in-the-know research so that you don’t have to.

Affordability is key to the BoroughBox ethos. We cater to all price points because everybody, no matter their budget, deserves to have great food and drink.

At BoroughBox we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the food and drink industry. We’re all about innovation and experimentation; we shine a light on unseen gems and uncover tomorrow’s trends. We aren’t just selling food and drink, we’re providing culinary experiences.


At BoroughBox, we provide a thriving corporate and business service. No request is too big for our bespoke Corporate Division.

Perhaps you’re looking to provide delicious treats at a meeting, no matter how remote? Maybe you’re searching for the perfect gift for an employee? Whatever you’re looking for, our dedicated Corporate team strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We are proud to offer same-day delivery in London and next day delivery to the rest of the UK, to ensure that all needs – planned, or last minute – are met.

And the best bit? When you choose BoroughBox - you'll be supporting hundreds of hard-working, independent producers.

Contact us here:

Phone: 03331 212155

Email: corporate@boroughbox.com


Our world-class Trade Division provides wholesale and stock services for shops and supermarkets across the UK.

We offer fulfilment and coaching for independent businesses wanting to showcase the very best in food and drink.

With partnerships with brands like Selfridges and Planet Organic, our experienced team is on hand to deal with any of your wholesale orders, queries or questions.

Contact us here:

Phone: 03331 212155

Email: trade@boroughbox.com


At BoroughBox, we’re striving to be an industry-leading fulfilment service for small, high quality producers to grow their business and disrupt the food and drink market. That means we let them focus on creating great produce, and we take care of the rest!

We offer storage space and labour to small independent brands so they can reach a wider market and grow as a business. We take care of as many pain points of running an e-commerce business as possible: organising logistics, shipping and bespoke packing work.

We aim to coach and help businesses grow with us. Fulfilment clients are featured across the BoroughBox site, lending heightened exposure and consumer traffic to their products. Once registered as a fulfilment client, brand products could be included in gift boxes, corporate sales and personal retail on our marketplace.

Our fulfilment service is at the very heart of what we do at BoroughBox. In the words of our founder Andy, we’re “fundamentally about enabling small brands to reach more consumers”.


Some products will have their own delivery details but you can visit our Delivery Guide for further information.


You can contact our customer service team any time, who will be happy to help and advise.

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