Organic Matcha Green Tea AAA Grade

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Japanese AAA grade Organic matcha green tea powder. Free shipping on orders over £35


* Powerful Premium Matcha Green Tea with 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea.
* Can assist Healthy weight loss - Matcha increases thermogenesis which is the rate at which you burn calories.
* Matcha is Gluten free, vegan and vegetarian friendly
* The L-Theanine Calms and relaxes the mind.
* 100% organic Pure Matcha
* Certified Organic by the Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G)
* Our Natural and safe Matcha tea regulates blood sugar levels - lowers cholesterol.

30g tin. Approximately 30 servings.

We source OMGTea from the most respected and reputable matcha supplier in Japan who have won many awards for their high standards of organic matcha farming and production.

Backed by Science

At OMGTea we are working with UK leading medical professionals conducting scientific & clinical trials which leave no doubt as to its superior health benefits for ageing and age related diseases.

• Clinical trials in relation to fat oxidation to show how OMGTEA enhances healthy weight loss.
• Scientific trials with breast cancer to highlight its potential effect on breast cancer stem cells.

All of this research is underpinned by the quality of OMGTea matcha again highlighting how important this is to us.

We are a small ethical specialist matcha company with a very big heart. In addition to the research we have commissioned on our own matcha a percentage of OMGTea’s profits have been pledged to The Healthy Life Foundation* a charity founded by Katherine, OMGTea's Founder, that funds research into age related diseases.

Behind the Brand.

In 2010 Katherine’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer so she decided that she wanted to do something positive to help and became involved in supporting the ground breaking research of one of the World’s leading genetic & cell biologists. This research highlighted the benefits of antioxidants in our diets. Green tea is renowned for its healing properties due to an abundance of antioxidants so she wanted her mum to drink the green tea with the most antioxidants. With it’s amazing health and healing properties Organic Matcha Green Tea was that tea. She felt so passionate about matcha she founded OMGTea. Katherine’s personal story, her passion and this research makes OMGTea unique.