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Artisan Tea & Spice brings you a healthy food gift, the best Organic Seaweed selection harvested by hand from virgin coastlines. These superfoods are best enjoyed sprinkled onto vegetables or eggs and can blend umami flavour into butter to make seaweed butter.


For thousands of years, people have eaten seaweed, grown at different depths in the sea, pulled fresh from rocks when the tide is out or during low spring tides. Seaweed is one of the world’s most sustainable and nutritious crops and farming can help the ocean’s threatened ecosystems. Seaweeds are the best source of minerals and can optimise nutrition. It is high in protein and with many suggested health benefits. In fact it offers one of the broadest range of minerals of any food and has a salty flavour with only a small amount of the sodium of sea salt. Seaweed is known for having the fifth taste, Umami, which is a natural flavour which interacts with the tastebuds. The other tastes are sweet, sour, salty and bitter. The ancient Romans, Celts, Japanese and Egyptians saw the benefits of seaweed nutritionally and also in the treatment of disease and injury thousands of years ago. According to much research, the health of the Japanese elderly is often attributed to the use of seaweed in their diet.


Dulse is a pinkish-red seaweed, sometimes called ‘Red Kale’ that grows on rocks in the North Atlantic and Northwest Pacific. As a food it is commonly used in Northern Ireland, Iceland and Atlantic Canada and is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Seaweeds’. This organic Cornwall Dulse Seaweed is harvested from the coastline of Cornwall and dried in the traditional way. In Ireland, the history of Dulse is particularly interesting as the Irish prepared and ate the harvested wet kelp during the famine and it is still wild-harvested there and also in several parts of the United Kingdom. Sun-dried Dulse is often eaten fresh or it can be ground to flakes or a powder. It can also be fried into delicious chips, oven baked and covered with cheese, used in soups or chowders, used in salads, eaten on sandwiches or added to bread or pizza dough. In Ireland, Dulse is often added to potatoes Weight: 15g


Harvested at low tide from the crystal clear waters of the coastline of the Outer Hebrides or Western Isles in Scotland. This organic Hebridean Alba Seaweed is also known as Knotted Wrack and grows in the wave-sheltered rocky middle shores. Coloured from olive green to yellow-brown, only the youngest leaf-growth is harvested, dried within twelve hours of being cut. Drying is carried out using the low temperature method and as such the food is classified as Raw Food. As well as its nutritional role, it is also reported to have anti-coagulant, anti-thrombotic & anti-inflammatory properties. Weight: 25g


This delightful mix of three organic seaweeds, Dulse, Nori & Sea Greens is blended in different percentage depending on the available seasonal crops. This unique selection of seaweeds is a carnival of flavours and can be added to boiled, poached or scrambled eggs, to coat poultry and fish dishes and also added to salads and soups. Weight: 15g


Kelp, also known as brown algae, is iodine and calcium-rich, with natural antioxidant properties. It contains around 46 minerals, 16 amino acids and 11 micro-nutrients, with anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural diuretic as well as helping with weight control and detoxification. This organic dried kelp can be used to cook with rice and grains to add taste and added into salads. Kelp can also be used in smoothies, sprinkled on fish at the end of cooking or added to soups. On the Isle of Harris in Scotland, a special gin made with amongst other things, sugar kelp, has led to a renewed interest in the sustainable use of seaweed. Weight: 25g


All seaweeds may have been in contact with crustaceans, molluscs or fish. Some of the seaweeds may contain traces of Cereals (including Gluten), Nuts (including Peanuts), Soya & Sesame. Please read our terms and conditions on shipping this product.

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