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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Bio Gift Box

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Get the best of our sustainably produced Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with this Bio Gift Box. Enjoy the flavourful extra virgin olive oil, the crispy olives and our delicious olive sweet preserve. As a gift, or for your own kitchen, our Bio Box can only be the perfect Health & Pleasure mix.Free shipping over £100

Discover what’s in our box

Alpha to Omega Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - Full-bodied and robust, our organic extra virgin olive oil features aromas of artichoke, olive leaf, and freshly cut grass. It is ideal for those who like full flavour and rich mouthfeel with a peppery punch.

Alpha to Omega Organic Olives 250gr - these Kalamata Olives, preserved in Alpha to Omega Organic extra virgin olive oil, are traditionally processed with natural fermentation; they are crispy, of average saltiness and the most sought-after variety in the world.

Alpha to Omega Olives Sweet Preserve 220gr - this unusual but delicious traditional Greek dessert is handmade with locally-grown Kalamon olives and filled with almond; it is all natural, without any artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives; can be enjoyed on its own or with greek yogurt, soft white cheese, on pancakes or as a salad dressing.

Alpha to Omega Cake Recipe - a starter to your culinary explorations with these delicious products.

About the Manufacturer

Alpha to Omega cultivates its Koroneiki monovarietal extra virgin olive oil in its self-owned olive groves, located at the foot of Mount Taygetus in a small Peloponnesian village. Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively by mechanical means in accordance with the international regulations for the production of extra virgin olive oil.

The modern cultivation practices, harvesting at the optimal ripeness point, olive oil milling within just a few hours after harvesting at a locally based olive mill as well as following optimal milling processes and cold-extraction methods (low temperatures up to 22c), contribute to the creation of our EVOO’s superior quality and taste.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored safely in stainless-steel tanks with nitrogen to prevent oxidation in a temperature-controlled environment all year round and it is freshly bottled upon order, ensuring that up to the last drop the olive oil is well preserved.

Our Organic EVOO is ideal for health conscious people and those who like full flavours and rich mouthfeel with a peppery punch.

In fact, EVOO is a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats and polyphenols, compounds with potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities. In addition, the best oil to cook with due to its oxidative stability, ratio of monounsaturated fat and superior antioxidant content.

Alpha to Omega Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its:

Unparalleled taste: full-flavored extra virgin olive oils with complex aromatic notes in ultimate balance and medium bitter and spicy notes

Remarkably low acidity (0.1) which ensures higher-quality & healthier EVOO

Exceptional antioxidant properties attributed to the Koroneiki olive variety and optimal harvesting, milling and storing methods.

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